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2016 Year:
Accepted into school libraries & Boys & Girls Club

St. Timothy Catholic School -- Mesa, AZ
Sirrene Elementary School -- Chandler, AZ
Progress Elementary School -- Spokane, WA
East Farm Elementary School -- Spokane, WA
Regal Elementary School -- Spokane, WA
Plains Schools -- Plains, MT

Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley -- Gilbert, AZ
Boys & Girls Club Grant Woods -- Mesa, AZ 

September 2013

Girl Scout troop Cheyenne Traditoinal School reading:

4th grade class was excited about the story and asked many questions about the book and writing process. Each girl was given their own copy with their dreams. 

"Ms. Angela Chase entertained and inspired our Fourth Grade Junior Girl Scout troop with her story of Natalie, a caterpillar trying to find her path in life. Through Natalie's experiences, she learns the confidence to follow her own talents and instincts.  This story delivers a wonderful message to any young female growing up in today's society. "                                                         ~ Sonia Lenzmeier, MD

"I loved following Natalie on her adventure from self-doubt to self confidence. "The Confident Butterfly" is a rich story that entertained while delivering a beautiful message of encouragement that is relevant to readers of all ages. It was especially significant to my 4th grade girl scout troop. The girls loved having the story read to them by Ms. Chase. Truly inspiring!"                                         ~ Anne E. Clements

May 2013

Donated books and PDF copy to Camp Butterfly Girls in Georgia.

“I would like to thank you for your kind donation and for sharing your story with our girls. What a wonderful message. Because of you, the girls will be leaving with a copy of the book.”  ~ Jamilah Shakir, Founder /CEO Camp Butterfly Girls International, Inc

April 13, 2013 Chandler BBQ Book Signing


“Angela Chase wrote a book called the Confident Butterfly. This book challenges especially young people to stand strong in the face of adversity and confront issues with self esteem and confidence. This book inspires young people to conquer their fears and pursue their dreams. 
Angela recently did a book signing with a group of girls from my business Kids Klub, Inc.. Many of these girls face significant challenges and they were encouraged by this positive story as well as the personal interest Angela took in each and everyone of my girls. I recommend her book and her as someone who is interested in making a positive contribution to change.”                           ~ Diana Terrell Culver, M. Ed.

March 27, 2013

Invited to read to Daisy Troop 548

 Lots of hugs and thank you's from these amazing girls! I think I made a good impression because after the reading I was invited into their friendship circle.

February 23, 2013

Moma's House, a domestic violence shelter, picks up Discover Your Wings to give to every woman in their gift baskets. 

February 2013

Donated 8 books to Butterfly Girlz in Georgia. This is the following response: 

"The girls are enjoying the books during their free time of the stressful senior year. A few of them asked me if you wrote the books specifically for them and I replied, "no" at first then I changed my answer. Once again, we are very appreciative of the gift of knowledge."          ~ Tania 

March 26, 2012

Donating one hour of my time to read The Confident Butterfly 
to the Girl Scouts.
 Donating 11 books to a wonderful group of girls 
who loved the story. 
Changing the lives of 11 little girls... PRICELESS. 

Girl Scout Troop 2202 

“I think your book could be used in any part of the Girl Scouts. For example, it could be a meeting of its own or combined into a badge, like what we did. It would also be a great tool to kick off the Girl Scout year/first troop meeting or a great way to wrap the year up. 

As you know our girls truly loved your book and, even several meetings after reading the book, were still talking about it. It made an impact on them and I hope it is something they carry with them forever. Your book really does help build courage, confidence and character, and makes the world a better place! 

You are a very kind person and very talented. Your books are the type of materials girls and women everywhere should be reading and living!”                                       ~ Elizabeth, Girl Scout Troop Leader
Discover Your Wings